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Friendly People, Floods, Two Fantastic Concerts and Sore Feet

Categories: Stories

Our week in Belfast was certainly memorable. We were made to feel very welcome by the locals who all seemed to know we were coming and were very full in the praise of our main performance of the War Requiem.

The days alternated around walking to and fro between two cathedrals – in different directions. Rehearsing hard – we did finally get “Lirum Lirum” right, and we fought hard to be heard over the two orchestras in St Anne’s.  Nobody is going to forget the weather on Thursday when a cloud burst flooded our route back to the hotel.

The sun came out for the visit by many to the Giants causeway, and we all made it back in time for the performance though we did circle the city one way system a few times trying to reach the hotel.  The Titanic museum was well worth a visit and the food in the city market was superb.

Where next we ask ?