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Practice Resources

2018-19 Season

Away in a manger

To hear Joe’s arrangment see the youtube


In the Brass band version we sing in a different key for several sections and others are cut.  The full listing is below. Please make sure you mark your score for the cuts.

4. And the glory of the Lord          A flat major concert
9a. Chorus: O thou that tellest     C major concert
12. For unto us              F major concert
17. Glory to God            C major concert
21. His yoke is easy       A flat major concert

22. Behold, the Lamb of God     F minor concert
24. Surely He hath borne           E flat minor concert
25. And with His stripes            E flat minor concert
26. All we like sheep                   E major concert
28. He trusted in God  (to be checked)
33. Lift up your heads                E flat major concert


44. Hallelujah                              D flat major concert
46. Since by man came death     Allegros B flat major concert – Graves A mi & G mi
53. Worthy is the Lamb and Amen    D flat major concert


Chorus No 7
Tenor Recit No 34
Chorus No 35
Alto Aria No 36
Chorus No 37
Soprano Air No 38
Chorus No 39
Alto Recit No 49
Alto and Tenor Duet No 50
Chorus No 51
Soprano Air No 52

Online Learning

There are online resources available if you need to do some practice at home:

plays the separate parts at ‘normal’ speed,

or Cyberbass enables you to hear your own line at slower speeds – very useful for the fast bits!

You tube listen and learn

no current learning suggestions – loads of performances to listen to

If you want to suggest other resources please have a word with Penny.