2021-22 Season

Summer Term: Rehearsals start 31st March.

Scores will be provided directly or you can use your own

Leeds Jubilee – A Life lived with Grace

Download the score from here

Hull – Mozart Requiem – scores issued to the choir last term

Mozart Te Deum – issued 7 April

If you need to practise at home, there are plenty of online recordings available or you can hear and sing along to your own part free at https://johnfletchermusic.org

Bolton Priory – Songs and Sonnets – multiple pieces:

Ernst Toch Geographical Fugue – a copy to download is here

George Shearing Songs and Sonnets – green booklet issued 31 March

Russell Pascoe My Love is like a red, red rose issued 31 March

Kerry Andrew All things are quite silent – issued 31 March

Eriks Esenvalds Stars – personal copies previously bought in Autumn term

John Rutter 5 Traditional Songs – blue booklet issued 7 April

Philip Wilby 150th Anniversary Commission – white booklet issued 31 March

Anne Henshaw Shakespeare Pieces – issued 7 April

Randall Thompson The Pasture – still to be issued

Randall Thompson Choose Something Like a Star – issued to choir back in 2019, download a pdf here

Spotify playlist to learn the tracks here

Spring Term: Rehearsals start 13th January

Scores will be provided directly or you can use your own

Brahms Requiem

Two intros and sing throughs by David Hill

From 2020 here

and from 2022 here

Autumn Term: Rehearsals start 9th September

For our November Concert.  Most scores have been provided directly or purchased, but you will still need to print off:

Brahms Geistliches Lied

Mendelssohn Six Motets

For our Christmas rehearsals! You’ll need your white 100 Carols for Choirs book, but there will be some to borrow if you haven’t yet bought your own copy. If you have a copy of Rutter’s Candlelight Carol and Chris’s Cradle Song please bring that too. You will also need your personal Whitacre’s Lux Aurumque and the Mendelssohn Six Motets.

Rutter Candlelight Carol

Artley Cradle Song

Joe’s revised Carol of the Bells

And a midi file to listen to here

For those jingling bells – here is full (no pages to turn back and forth) Jingle Bells