2022-23 Season

The Rehearsal Schedule can be downloaded here.

Spring Term: Rehearsals start 5th January 2023

For our March Concert.  Scores will be/have been provided directly or you can purchase your own.

We are singing the Whitacre CloudBurst, Bernstein Chichester Psalms and Pascoe Secular Requiem.

For the Chichester Psalms. If you haven’t sung them before, don’t be put off by the Hebrew! There are some pronunciation guides on YouTube:

Movement 1 (10) Bernstein Chichester Psalms Mov.1 Hebrew Pronunciation – YouTube

Movement 2 (10) Bernstein Chichester Psalms Mov.2 Hebrew Pronunciation – YouTube

Movement 3 (10) Bernstein Chichester Psalms Mov.3 Hebrew Pronunciation – YouTube

You can listen and sing along to your voice part on John Fletcher Music at www.johnfletchermusic.org (you’ll need to join for a small fee) or Choraline (for a bigger fee!)

Various recordings for both Cloudburst and the Requiem are on YouTube.

The Pascoe Requiem can also be found on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/6vZ4RLF0XHfD6KetzwAlfo

The best recording of cloudburst is https://youtu.be/boOGv7e9AME

The main recording of the requiem is https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_kVY-q40Vglmsblmd_iBUkb486HPTcO-Kk