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Leeds Philharmonic ChorusSt Anne’s Cathedral, Leeds, 20th February 2016:

From Alan and Elisabeth Horsey:
Please would you convey our thanks to the Leeds Philharmonic Choir for their wonderful singing of Rachmaninov’s marvellous All Night Liturgy at St .Anne’s Cathedral this evening. Phrasing, dynamic contrast, ensemble, balance all combined to achieve a performance of real commitment and passion. Richard conducted with assurance and clarity throughout. Soloists Claire and Michael came through the choral texture beautifully and sang with expression and warmth. The selected movements from Britten’s cello suites, played with intimacy and brilliance by Nicholas, were absolutely spellbinding. The cathedral nave was full, and the audience sat in wrapt silence throughout. The applause at the end of the concert was enthusiastic and well-deserved. The Phil should be very proud of how well this concert went. Congratulations to each and every one of the participants With our best wishes and thanks for wonderful evening.

From Julia Baxter (A2):
I  have had 3 emails already from friends who were there and said they had never heard the Phil sing so well!

From Janet Juricka:
One more than very satisfied audience member here! Very well done everyone. Comments last night included “thrilling sound”, “wonderful concert”, “made the hairs on my neck stand up” and many more.

From Frances Ledgard (A2):
I wasn’t singing last night but I too was in the audience, and can back up everything said in your email.  In fact the choir’s singing was so beautiful it almost reduced me to tears.  The friends we brought with us were positively ecstatic. I was really proud of you all!

From Gill Jewell (A1):
Albert and I echo all the previous comments.  What an achievement – and all that standing too! The venue was just the right place in beauty and acoustic.  Well done indeed. I can’t wait to be back with you all soon.

From Simon Lindley (Trustee) via Facebook:
Well, the rehearsal was spectacular and the Minster conversation at coffee after Mass this morning was ALL about what a wonderful concert it had been. Hearty congratulations to one and all!

And finally from one of our newest members, Peter (B1), for whom last night’s concert was his first with the Phil:
For me a truly ‘gestalt’ experience – even though the constituent parts were already, of themselves, excellent (and I feel I can say this, as a new observer, not due to any individual contribution or otherwise as a new member). Thank you. What a privilege to be part of this. I think we all deserve to feel proud! Anyone else think that, after all the effort of learning the piece, we should do it again sometime soon??!!

Composer Rachmaninov
Conductor Richard Wilberforce

Penny Dean
Leeds Philharmonic Marketing Manager

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