We started the 2016/17 season singing on Briggate, progressed through remembrance day at the Armouries with hymns and a bit of The Armed Man.  They want us back for another concert soon.  On to the Minster for Psalms and Joy from Imogen Holst, and Duruflé’s Requiem.  A bit of busking at the station for charity – bolstered by a lovely donation from Alan Bennett.  Then our main concert of Messiah with a fantastic orchestra and then the ever faithful Lord Mayors Carols.  I always like the second performance where the crowd is a bit rowdier. And to round off we went to Armley jail to sing for the prisoners.  I think it fair to say we were all a bit nervous as we did not know quite what to expect.  What an amazing place the old bit is – so like the scenes from Porridge – even down to the spiral staircase.  And I think the guys enjoyed it. To quote:

“I’ve never been to a concert before and to sit in the front row …..! The ladies must’ve thought I was mad. I couldn’t stop grinning.” Mat, C Wing.

“I’m not right bright. I don’t have words but please come again.”

“I didn’t know there was such beautiful music. I had trouble holding it together.”  Kyle, C Wing.

And the best promise….

“When I’m out I’m coming to your concerts.” Peter, F Wing.

I think we have met our charitable aims in just the one concert.  On to 2017