Our penultimate concert of the 2015-16 season was a great success despite the attempts by the weather to put a dampner on things.  We chose to think the rumbles of thunder during the afternoons rehearsal were good omens and it did remain largely dry at Bolton Abbey for the evening concert and was nice in the morning for the early picnickers.  The only thing louder that day was Alan’s splendid organ recital which really rumbled the rafters of the old priory church.

I think we all had fun and laughs in the much less formal setting – well Richard looks relaxed


We were warned to bring a brolly, but nobody mentioned the hungry swarms of midges that descended as we sang our entry part in the porch. Nor the need for a head torch.  Maybe we will be invited back next year when the new lights will be working.  Till then we can remember the fabulous tea enjoyed by all.